100 Reasons to Be Encouraged: Christian Edition

This is not my usual long-form post which you either genuinely read or just peruse through (even though the slightest appreciation matters so much to me). This is a post made out of love. I know the world has been in a difficult position for the last nine months. Ever since the pandemic struck and everyone was forced into a mandatory and helpful lock-down, most of us have not found any reason to be happy or encouraged during these gloomy times.

However, it does not have to be gloomy. There is always a reason to find happiness – the kind that lasts. Over the past two weeks, I have curated some of my most touching and heartfelt verses from the Bible and made them into statements of affirmation for you. They are not only meant for this season but as life-long gems that can draw you to reading the Bible as well as growing in the knowledge of the Father.

I have made them free for access only for you. Claim the document and save it to your computer or phone and most importantly, don’t keep it for yourself. Sharing is caring! I wish you a splendid end to the year (I will be dropping the final post of the year so keep tuned. You definitely do not want to miss out on it!) and be blessed.







2 responses to “100 Reasons to Be Encouraged: Christian Edition”

  1. Charlotte Avatar

    Thanks ✨ needed this

    1. You’re welcome! Share it to your friends and family.

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