I will stop you there before you start wondering what this is all about. Allow me to pose a question to you. Are you okay with that? So, as a creative being – something we know is inbred into our DNA, as a calling to be artistic, original and expressive – do you sometimes lack the willingness to become all that?

Recently, I was battling with trying to finish this seven-hundred crime thriller book that you can purchase here, and when I finally completed it, I began thinking, “Is there any way I could ever start reading a book and fail to finish?”

Though I declared there was no way I’d ever fail to finish a book I had begun reading, basically because it had to have aroused my interest, periods of dormancy are common in an artist’s journey to self-actualization and meteoric progress, and I noticed this had affected my blogging journey. The progress had slogged. And predictably so.

But I have been crafting down ways I have used to revitalize my artistic missions and enhance the work I do in my blogging, I call it making a comeback.

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Have you ever blanked out in front of your monitor?

…You feel like it would take you eons just to get a sentence done. A classic case of writer’s block. We all have suffered from it, others more commonly than others. It is nothing to be embarrassed about.

I’ve heard of people who actually quit on their artistic journey because they hit a brick wall and never recovered from lacking the push to pursue diligently. It is sad to see someone’s talent wither notwithstanding the work and discipline they have put into the process.


It is never easy to make a three-point turn when you’re driving along a narrow lane. The same applies to make a turn in your life. What I mean is that it is taxing to make a decision that literally changes the direction your life is taking.

For me to decide that I had to revive this blog as part of my creative process, I knew it demanded my attention, discipline, conscientiousness, and focus. These qualities don’t just come to you, they require a change of mind.


If your viewing your artistic process of blogging is that it is something of value, something that you would want to pursue for a long-term period, then it is vital to put your budgetary requirements, your goals and objectives and your specific goals into account even as you blog now.

It would not hurt to put aside some money for your blog marketing, your domain renewal fees and your ad expenditure for deliberation. This especially applies to bloggers who have accumulated a preferable audience that is sufficient to guarantee to make earnings from.

Like everything else that is well invested in, blogging, or any other form of art like writing, thrives when it is given the attention and grit it deserves. It is not a gamble, and the odds lie within your acceptance to follow through with determination.

“In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.” – Robert Arnott


Of course, when a blogger goes dormant, their audience loses interest in them concurrently and if it goes for too long, it might adversely affect a blogger’s comeback.  Advisably, it is definitely okay to begin by notifying your subscribed audience that you intend to resume creating content that they will enjoy and hit send on your email list.

If you need to learn how to create and grow your email list, click here.

Afterward, refine your blog outlook. It does wonders when you do a blog ‘face-lift’ for your imagination and creativity juices. It’s more like a digital Feng-Shui. Anything ranging from changing the themes, or the fonts, or the blogging platforms.

Then, draft down notes on your intended subject matter, shortlisting key points and perhaps research alternatives. This is followed by drafting it on your laptop through your preferred blogging website such as  WordPress or Wix or Medium.

Ensure that your article is well-edited, proofread and refined for publishing. Sending an email to your audience before the actual sending helps keep them on their toes. Once you hit send, it’s a-go with the basics of blogging.

Learn other basics of blogging here.


These magic words make the difference between a blogger that will stick to their blogging routine if they have any and those that will grow slack as time goes by.

Scheduling is an activity that has lasted since the late 1800s and even though the societal experiments failed, this does not mean that it is a lost cause. Bloggers schedule because they have content and time, and for the two to coincide, they have to be planned for. A schedule helps you to know when and how frequently content is needed.

However, a good schedule is supposed to be tailored to a specific blogger’s audience. Hence, it is vital that a blogger does an audience check so as to learn their reading patterns, their optimum active period and more stats.


Getting your facts right in an online blog, or anywhere in the online world where information is shared frequently and opinions made rashly, is an uphill task for bloggers. This is especially because trolling has become something of a virus on the world wide web and it is usually unforgiving when it comes to factual or literal blogs -these are blogs where a certain level of knowledge is needed, or necessary research too.

That is why a blogger requires to treat their facts to a ton of research before putting them down as ‘mere facts’ or ‘over-exaggerated opinions’. So many people out there are prone to becoming inflammable when something seems to rub them the wrong way.

It is important to carry out some vital digging into whatever subject matter you would love to pursue. A food blogger’s research portfolio would look like this:

  • Look for high-quality cameras or a camera team
  • Make a list of highly-rated restaurants or eateries
  • Grow social media impact
  • Learn about new delicacies, recipes or cooking methods

In an example, a photographer blogger’s research items would be different:

  • Find better accessories i.e, tripods, lenses, packing cases.
  • Solicit photography agencies for hired and paid shoots
  • Start own photography team with a brand
  • Grow the audience to earn prospective customers.

Collectively, being backed up with research when perfecting your craft or making a comeback shows how much dedicated to thoroughness you are as a blogger.


Your audience probably does not only include your friends that don’t know squat about blogging but may also be made up of other bloggers in your niche. For you to gain recognition within your niche, you need to network and interact with the bloggers in that space.

Following bloggers that are creators of similar content as you enhance your reach and learn what sort of issues to address and modify in your own voice. It expands your perspective and shows you what kind of content performs successfully with audiences and which one does not.

By reaching out, you get exposed to the niggling challenges that other bloggers go through and brainstorm how to tackle them as well. This is usually how a spark of inspiration could be lit up.


By this point, you are neck-deep into your blogging zone and doubly prepared with a clear blueprint and a clear schedule, so it is time you loved what it is you do.

This goes beyond blogging, and encompasses everything that requires passion to accomplish. People like Elon Musk whose technological advancements have long been his tour de force have acknowledged that passion is what drives them. Passion begets motivation, which begets a vision that begets a way to actualize the vision.

Crave to find out ways to improve your way of delivery, your blog outlook, your communication skills, and your expression online. These will make all the difference.


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The writer is a published author of a crime thriller book, F.R.E.D Teen Detective, an online content contributor, and a freelance writer/proofreader. Catch him through his socials on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES

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